IT Support

We offer full 24/7 onsite and Offsite IT Support

Think better cost, performance and high availability for your business with an investment in our services.


  • IT Support
  • Email Systems
  • Proxy Security and Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
  • Business Continuity Services – Backup, Replication, High Availability, Disaster Recovery
  • Hardware & Software Sales
  • Cloud Adoption for Business
  • Platform Migrations
  • Hardware & Software Technology Upgrades
  • Planning & Implementation
  • GDPR Strategy & Compliance
  • Business Transformation Advice
  • Project Assistance



Cloud Adoption

As a dedicated company, you want to the ensure best possible value from the Cloud from a technical and financial aspect.

You want to gain the best Infrastructure services for cloud (data-center) and on-premises architecture.

IT Business Essentials:

  • A Cloud Business Strategy for your Business
  • An Azure/AWS/Oracle Cloud Taxonomy for better adoption and transition
  • Business Continuity Services – High Availability, Replication, DR and Secure Backup
  • Proper governance model for Cloud adoption with processes and procedures designed to ensure best use of all resources
  • Regular audit of on-premise licences ensuring appropriate used and costing
  • Plan using strategic costing for cloud options versus on-premises options for Enterprise Applications, Development/Test/Op’s environment providing money‘saving options.
  • Cloud Life-cycle Management accelerating the delivery of cloud services in response to business needs
  • Cloud Security assessment  for independent assessments on your cloud adoption/setup – security, performance, leaks…
  • Asset Management for greater control over new purchases and harvesting
  • GDPR : GDPR compliance modelling and implementation services


Cloud First architecture incorporates:

…and all associated technologies such as Big Data, IoT spread across these models.

All Cloud infrastructures make systems easier to monitor and manage.Traditional infrastructure stacks look to technical means to mitigate risk- Cloud First mitigates risk by contractual means.



Our Mission:

  • Deliver best-cost, secure and high-performance cloud architecture for business technology solutions
  • Supply & Implement leading hardware and software technology solutions cost effectively
  • Develop  procedures to allow the migrations of  technology systems
  • Develop best site recovery/business continuity practises to include backup, replication, high availability, disaster recovery of all critical systems.
  • Ensure manageable data compliance with latest Industry regulations and industry standards across all Infrastructure