Target Operating Model for Cloud part 2

Cloud Target Operating Model: part 2

Successful Cloud Adoption:

Map every step of the way as you begin your cloud first journey. We remove the complexity to save your organisation from the pitfalls.

We offer a complete list of services delivered and we make our knowledge work for you.

Common goal and strategic direction:

Target Operating Model Cloud Part 2:

Define a vision

Define set of principles to evaluate against to help create the organisational models to see which of the proposed structures provides the best fit.

Map out the interactions between your consumers and suppliers of cloud services within the business to shape how consumption happens.

Transformation: People, Process, and Technology:


Defining the future organisational structure and new role

Build a well-defined operating model and technology architecture.

Reference th exisiting Operating model with the services and related business processes that you can use as a guide.

There may be existing people within the organisation who can be retrained into one of the new roles.

You might need to go out to market or acquire the skills through other channels.


Our proven Methodology is a great place to start when determining what processes should be developed to support your Cloud First strategy.

What BAU processes and activities you would want to include in your Target Operating Model.

Responsibilities and assignment of each functional role for these processes are mapped out via a RACI Matrix typically to produce results, decrease conflict and ambiguity.

Agreement of the RACI with stakeholders is important to ratify the organisational structure.


The technology layer is where tooling is often required to support the identified business processes.

A well designed and developed a hybrid cloud architecture, can help accelerate cloud adoption and minimise the risk of cloud.

Tip: Build a checklist to map the technologies and the business processes they support.Understand any restrictions from a technology and commercial perspective, Map data classifications to architectural classifications

Tip: If organisations don’t re-define the people and process layers, changes in technology alone will be almost destined to fail.

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