Target Operating Model for Cloud

Cloud Target Operating Model: Part 1

You deliver value to its customer or beneficiaries using cloud services.

Traditional technologies were designed for an era that moved at a slower pace.

Data centre services supply to the various business units it supports everyday. This is a well-defined operating model, which has been tried, tested and improved over a long period of time.

Cloud adoption is a transformation and you must rethink your approach across people, process, and technology, to realise the benefits of cloud.

You cannot simply rely on existing models built for the data centre.

A cloud strategy may bring substantial infrastructure savings, but the breakeven, or strategic costing may only represent a small percentage of IT Spend.

The opportunities lie in the mode 2 operational efficiencies and benefits to the business itself. Speed to market and the ability to work more iteratively and adaptively to deliver what customers and businesses really want are real step-changes enabled by cloud. To truly transform, it’s the people and processes that are the most important, however, they are often ignored and because of culture, they are considered the most difficult to change.

New Target Operating Models

What are the business principles; Automate where possible, discourage duplication, automation, buy not bild etc.

A Detailing a Target Operating Model provides a big picture of what the future business may look like across business and technology domains. Common goals are shared everyone on the team to the same page, promoting a sense of purpose and a common mission.

Therefore the ideal Target Operating Model should focus on both hard and soft infrastructure elements as well as structures, information systems, skills and shared values.

The fundamental constructs of a Target Operating Model will provide the building blocks to define business and system architectures, allowing you to create a roadmap for reimagining IT and accelerating the benefits that a cloud-first strategycan bring.

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