Artificial Intelligence

The concept of Artificial intelligence is greatly wide and covers so far many areas, methodologies, tools, algorithms, and systems:

  1. Data science
  2. Machine learning
  3. Deep learning
  4. Neural network
  5. Object detection
  6. Computer vision
  7. Face recognition

Today, progress has reached such a level that technologies based on artificial intelligence are used in completely different areas of business. And one of the main tasks of AI remains business automation.

We work with customers to:

  • Dive deep into data, doing analysis, providing guidelines, building strategies, discovering root causes, and designing long-term solutions.
  • Deliver AI/ML/DL project from beginning to end, including understanding business requirements, developing architecture, aggregating data, exploring data, building & validating predictive models, and deploying completed models to deliver business impact.
  • Launch data-driven business by creating frameworks, designing target processes, identify organizational structures.
  • Analyze business pain points, conduct interviews with stakeholders, design and develop solutions.
  • Envision and architect solutions involving AI/ML to address today and tomorrow’s business problems.
  • Built machine learning models from scratch, both POC and production stages.
Use cases of AI

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