Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

From @Lenovo and Microsoft: Leverage Azure Stack HCI to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure! 👀 Check out this solution brief for a step-by-step guide that shows how to deploy VDI on Azure Stack HCI. If you have questions, Cloud First Company is here to help.

Achieving sustainable growth with Azure and FinOps best practices

Is your organization aiming to reduce your IT carbon footprint by optimizing specific resources or workloads within @Microsoft Azure? Check out this blog for a deep dive into two new holistic solutions from Microsoft that can optimize your Azure emissions, align IT sustainability with ESG regulations, measure and reduce your emissions.

DM to put your journey to the Cloud on a greener, more sustainable path.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Cisco Secure Firewall

From Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of #Cisco Secure Firewall. On average, organizations reported a 195% return on investment. 💵 Read this report to discover the time, labor, and money you can save with this solution. 📈 Reach out to Cloud First Company to learn more.