Everyone together now—Webex applications

#Cisco Webex applications bring everyone together. 🤝 Cloud First Company recommends watching this video to see how Webex tools and apps can make the workday flow seamlessly for remote workers. AI, automatic note taking, transcriptions, and more—there are apps to make everyone’s job easier.

Learning About Data Services Cloud Console: HPE Alletra 9000 Simplified Setup

#HPE Data Services Cloud Console: See how it works! 💡 This video is a great watch that shows how to set it up. In under 10 minutes, you’ll discover how to get an HPE Alletra storage system up and running with the setup services available in the Data Services Cloud Console. To learn more or get started with HPE products and services, contact Cloud First Company.

Microsoft Surface business value: Solution guide series

You can realize business value with Microsoft @Surface! 💰 These devices offer modern management and deployment, security, enhanced employee engagement, and more. Check out this eBook for additional details. If you have questions, Cloud First Company can help.

ThinkAgile MX1000 Series Edge Servers

The #Lenovo ThinkAgile MX1000 Series Edge Servers are a groundbreaking new class of servers for easy Azure stack HCI solutions. 🚨 These affordable servers will help you accelerate your business. Check out this datasheet to learn more. Contact Cloud First Company with questions.