Artificial Intelligence & Transformation of the Financial Ecosystem

As artificial intelligence (AI) significantly changes the traditional operating models of financial institutions—shifting strategic priorities and upending the competitive dynamics of the financial ecosystem—how can financial institutions better embrace AI and prepare themselves for the future? World Economic Forum (Forum) and Deloitte Global’s latest report studies the strategic, operational, regulatory, and societal implications of AI … Read more

Cloud First Strategy in Healthcare on Election Day 2020

Today we face the uncertainty of election day and the resulting outcome on the future for Irish Healthcare. It’s time for technology and business circles to offer some new out of the box thinking. The strong organisational culture in Irish Healthcare and the length of time traditional healthcare technologies have been delivered make changes difficult. … Read more

Can Blockchain be used for DR

Can you use blockchain for disaster recovery purposes? Disaster recovery may not be the most prominent use case for blockchain technology, but the idea of using it for data protection and recovery is beginning to gain traction. Blockchain is probably best known for its use in the financial industry, especially with regard to cryptocurrencies. However, … Read more

VM Ware SRM messages

5 common VMware SRM messages. 1. Unable to recover datastore Two main things can cause this error message: If two instances of the same datastore exist at the same disaster recovery (DR) site or if two datastores contain the same data, even if they have different names. You can correct this problem by rescanning the … Read more

Business Continuity Planning

Knowing the basics Cloud disaster recovery (cloud DR). By storing copies of data in a cloud environment, cloud DR has become a popular element in modern disaster recovery planning. Flexible costs and capacities make it a good choice for smaller organizations who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on traditional DR setup, … Read more