Cloud Computer Services

Cloud Computer Services
Cloud Computer Services

What is Cloud Computer Services?

Cloud computer Services  means the delivery of secure computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the Internet to offer faster innovation, flexible pay as you go resources, and economies of scale and 24/7.

We provide Cloud Computer platforms.

Cloud means public and private datacentre. We build cloud computing applications daily, and monitor and maintain of a customer’s applications and infrastructure though our partners Microsoft on their Azure Platform, and AWS or Oracle Cloud similarly. In conclusion within the customer’s tenancy or within our tenancy We manage the compute, networking & security layers for all business core applications.

Using our wealth of development experience, we are able to identify and tackle any issues that may arise. Our team will procure and onboard and configure the environment. In conclusion before undertaking the capture and development of any chosen processes.

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Cloud Networks

Traditional networks look to vertical scaling methods and buying more and more hardware for high performance. Cloud networks offer lateral scalability around workloads in a pay as you go sense. Above all turn off with no costs when not in use.

IT Managed Services

Firstly , we support IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

We are both proactive and reactive when it comes to the management of the platform and processes to ensure that the customer experiences the maximum benefit from their investment.

Our specialists will handle tasks such as antivirus patching, server maintenance and licensing updates on the platform.

This ensures that all components are secure and functioning as required. In addition, monitoring of the process outcomes leading to a further increase on the return on investment.  

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Dev Op’s & Automation

Secondly deploying intelligent automation requires an investment. Likewise skilled resources configure the infrastructure, build, and implement robust automated processes. It is critical to deploy automations rapidly to start to realize the return on investment. Once fully automated and tested, the solution will be deployed and closely monitored, reacting to any process or environment issues.

This outsourced approach allows small to medium enterprises unlock the benefits of intelligent automation. To conclude without the need to upskill internally or recruit the required resource. We are a full end to end provider.

Business Intelligence

Data is the now the single key asset businesses can retain.

It is important to retain ownership of data and classify your data accordingly by infrastructure type.

Data providing insights which help with critical decision making and trend analysis. We will work together to ensure your data is relevant and accessible. Combine it to provide dashboards and visuals to transform the way you see your business. What are the key analytics and data insight you need and when…

Do you need real-time analytics and insights?

Is yesterdays too old?

Cloud Onboarding & Adoption Framework

  • Define or update and then implement your chosen Cloud strategies, plans and policies
  • Implement an approach to management and governance of their Cloud environment
  • Familiarise yourself with the different Cloud service models and Cloud providers and requirements they meet through suitable project pilots and an iteration process