Data & Analytics

Provide your business with a foundation of intelligence to enable better, data-driven decisions.

From data lakes & platforms to self-service dashboards and predictive modelling based on artificial intelligence, our software provides you with the tools to get more out of your organisation’s data.

Have a data management strategy at the core of your business.

Companies with data management strategies grow better compared to other organisations.Cloud First can devise a strategy and solution to put your data to work, automating your analytics and reporting to enhance decision making and performance for modern business advantages.Get better collaboration platforms, distributed data and insights for your suppliers, with better market using commercialisation with our solution.

If you are currently working on, reviewing or or thinking of creating your data strategy, we can help cut through the complexities, and craft a data strategy that can be deployed to deliver immediate business value.

Our process follows five steps:

Step 1 – Business review with analysis of you data principles to drive business growth
Step 2 – Identify Key performance indicators
Step 3 – Identify Key Data
Step 4 – Identify the Analytics tools for your business
Step 5 – Remove barriers to accelerate the data journey.

Real time insights

Measure the pulse of your business with Microsoft data and analytics services. Create visual dashboards of your business activities, get real time insights and monitor your company’s performance.

Improve decision making

Back up your daily decisions with data and become a truly data-driven company. Combine data from different resources to get a holistic view on performance and enable yourself to adapt to changes more rapidly.

Data-driven strategy

Combine current performance business insights with predictive models, built with artificial intelligence software, providing your business with a solid basis to develop a strong and feasible business strategy upon.

Data & AI solutions,
tailored to your customers’ needs.

  • Create a sustainable business model by reselling our complete solutions, built on cutting-edge cloud technology.
  • Data storage
  • Integration of data sources
  • Dashboards

Office 365 Admin Center/Power BI/Workplace Analytics 365

  • Track Number of Active Users
  • Email Activity
  • File Activity in One Drive & Sharepoint
  • Group and Microsoft Teams Activity
  • Create Custom Reports- MDevice USage
  • Sentiment Scores

Scoping Phase


Will any users see or experience any differences in their interactions with the technology or  business process?

Business Process

  • What business processes are impacted and  how?
  • What users and user interactions/goals will  change?
  • What technologies are known to be part of these business processes?
  • Are there new rules that will impact the process?
  • Are job descriptions or responsibilities changing for anyone?


  • Is there any new data needed to make the process successful? Is any new data needed to be transmitted outside the organization?
  • Is any new data coming into the organization?
  • Are there any expected changes to existing data?


  • Share understanding of requirements and intent
  • Highest priorities
  • Timelines
  • Prosci/ Other Change Management