Data Centre Colocation

Data Centre Colocation 

Data centre Colocation:

Firstly, some providers offer Data centre Co-location. Subsequently, many customers have needs that require a small amount of supplemental co-location in conjunction with their cloud. Consequently specialized network equipment, and software. This cannot be licensed on virtualized servers, or legacy equipment. It is possible to plan a move into co-location and then gradually migrate into that provider’s IaaS offering. Co-location can mean our hardware located in a public cloud service provider. Or a cloud service provider hardware located within our infrastructure.

Technology Consultation – Colocation

You can accelerate content and application delivery with high-performance IT infrastructure and interconnections. Your IT flexibility and efficiency needed to increase content and application performance. Consequently, this will improve reaction to changing market conditions and customer requirements. We enable you to directly access public cloud services with hybrid cloud networks, to sum up this increase your ability to scale your content and application delivery capabilities.

Accelerate Content and Application Delivery

You can build a high-performance content and application delivery infrastructure. You’ll see significant improvements in your content delivery network (CDN) responsiveness. Consequently, increased user satisfaction and ultimately, a greater return on your CDN infrastructure investment.

Deploy Private Content Delivery Networks

We deploy private content delivery networks (CDNs) to securely distribute customized content. For example, streaming internal corporate communications videos to distributing subscription-based content, you’ll gain consistent, reliable and secure on-demand performance.

Multi-Site Your IT

Distribute your IT infrastructure across multiple sites. For example, streamlining the network routes that handle your long-haul data traffic. In conclusion augmenting your network architecture with secure, cost-efficient private data connections. In addition, lay the groundwork for hybrid clouds or for streamlining connectivity to multiple clouds and outsourced IT services.

Collaboration Applications

Collaboration tools make your users more productive, but traditional IT architectures slow them down. With an interconnection-first approach, you can deliver exceptional digital experiences globally. We make real-time collaboration work.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Businesses are increasingly deciding that their best disaster recovery plans are built in the cloud.  For example, the interconnections that are cost-effective and tailored to a company’s needs. A cloud-based disaster recovery plan virtually replicates a company’s computing infrastructure in the cloud, rather than relying on earth-bound backup IT components. Our Cloud Exchange gives you direct and simultaneous connections to multiple cloud providers. Mix and match cloud services and create a disaster recovery plan that’s resilient, cost-effective and quickly executed in a crisis. It’s an advanced way to keep your operations whole, and Cloud First Company has the technology you need to make it happen. We have designed and developed solutions for many large public & private bodies and many SME’s working closely with Microsoft, AWS and Oracle enterprise teams.

Cloud Consultation & Adoption

When developing and deploying applications in a cloud environment, you should design your cloud applications and develop software in a structured methodology to engineer relevant security into their cloud applications. Develop “no vendor lock-in” type applications with regard for any high-availability strategy and synchronous database availability strategy across Cloud Service Provider and Private Cloud technologies. Costs are typically built into technology, resources, interventions, and audits. Costs will likely, pale in comparison with the potential liability and loss of reputation from an application security breach or the maintenance of legacy hardware systems.