ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC Portable USB Type-C Monitor

With USB-C connectivity, a smart case, plus a ZenScreen pen, the ASUS ZenScreen mobile monitor is the ideal solution for extending laptop displays, and for video conferencing. In this datasheet, you’ll find the ZenScreen’s features and specifications. For more information, contact Cloud First Company today. View: ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC Portable USB Type-C Monitor

Mobility you can trust

This infographic lists interesting statistics about remote work and security risks. It also depicts which 5 protection measures are critical to have in a secure mobile device. For more information, please contact us today. View: Mobility you can trust

eBook: Meraki Security in Education

This eBook explains how Cisco Meraki keeps schools safe using the perfect blend of endpoint, network, and physical security. Better yet, all products are managed entirely through an intuitive, web-based dashboard that’s updated automatically, delivering a new level of scalability and control. Contact us for more information regarding these unparalleled solutions. View: eBook: Meraki Security … Read more

Boost business agility

This eBook by Red Hat guides businesses on the digital transformation journey to better business agility. Download “Boost Business Agility” from Cloud First Company to learn about the advantages of embarking on your IT modernization journey with hybrid cloud and containers. View: Boost business agility

The AI Revolution Is Here – A Podcast And Interview With Nate Yohannes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the catalyst for the fourth industrial revolution, the most significant technological advancement thus far. AI has the potential to solve incredible challenges for all of humanity, including climate change, education, design, customer experiences, governance, and food. That said, among the biggest concerns regarding AI is the potential for unexpected and unintended … Read more