How to Safeguard your generative AI applications in Azure AI

It would be helpful if there was a one-stop-shop where you could select an AI model, fine tune it to meet your specific needs, create an effective safety system and test its vulnerability to threats. Watch this @Microsoft Azure video to see how this works in Azure AI, which will help you automate and fully transform your operations.

Migrate to Azure with Confidence

Check out this infographic to discover how Azure’s latest innovations make modernizing workloads a breeze while maintaining absolute security. For example, you can now unlock innovation with AI capabilities, enable secure remote work by deploying virtual desktops/apps quickly via Azure Virtual Desktop, and continuously assess cloud resource security with Defender for Cloud.

Your Devs will love the new native .NET support in App Service & Azure Kubernetes Service for flexibility & consistency. Plus, mission-critical Windows Server & SQL Server apps can be run seamlessly in Azure. So, no more complex on-prem setups or VPN struggles.

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Microsoft 365 Copilot | Get up to speed

Logging in late to a meeting isn’t a crime, but asking a question that’s already been addressed is close. Watch this brief video to learn how @Microsoft Copilot can help you avoid the cold stares and sideways glances by bringing you totally up to speed before you enter a meeting.

Security and Risk Management Services from HPE

#HPE offers security and risk management services. With the number of cyber threats always growing, you need to enable security at the speed of digital transformation—and we can help. Learn more in this video. đź‘€ When you’re ready to upgrade your security with HPE services and expertise, reach out to Cloud First Company to get started.